October 2019 Question of the Month

In a time when the media is filled with stories that often feature the worst of humanity, we want to focus this month on acts of human decency and kindness. These stories, however small, are important. They remind us that the "better angels" of our nature are ever-present and at work. They give us hope!

So our October Question is: "Do you have a story about a small or large act of kindness that changed something for you, a time when you felt seen and heard, an act you remember to this day?”

We hope you’ll share a story with this online community.

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September 2019 Question of the Month

In our September Question of the Month and podcast, we take on the topic of conflict on the personal, vocational, and political growing edges of our lives. We live in divisive times, culturally and politically. For many of us, navigating these complexities with family, friends, and colleagues has become challenging.  

The September Question of the Month: When navigating conflict, what helps you stay true to yourself and your deepest values and beliefs? What touchstones and practices give you guidance in engaging other viewpoints creatively, and help you "know when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em?"

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August 2019 Question of the Month

In our August podcast conversation with author Mark Nepo we explored what it means to show up for our lives more authentically.

What would it look like for you to show up for your life more authentically? What pushes back? Do you have a story about a time when you were true to yourself and it opened up something?

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July 2019 Question of the Month

What is your experience of “living into the fullness of life?” What has helped you (or might help you) move beyond the fear of scarcity or loss, become more open to interdependence—to giving and receiving—and generate a sense of “enoughness” about yourself and the world?

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