July 2019 Question of the Month

In our part of the world, July marks the beginning of summer, a green and generous season of abundant growth when it becomes easy to believe that “the growing edge” is everywhere.

So this month, we explore what it might mean to live into the fullness of life and its possibilities, rather than succumbing to the notion that we don’t have enough of what a good life requires. We explore ways of getting beyond the feeling that we have to “go it alone,” and learn how to invest ourselves in relationships and communities of mutual support where resources of every sort—from spiritual to material—can be shared. 

The Question of the Month for July: What is your experience of “living into the fullness of life?” What has helped you (or might help you) move beyond the fear of scarcity or loss, become more open to interdependence—to giving and receiving—and generate a sense of “enoughness” about yourself and the world?

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