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You’re invited to join us for our monthly podcast! Our episodes will feature conversations between Parker and Carrie, focused on our Question of the Month and other Growing Edge topics. Occasionally, we’ll invite some wise and wonderful friends of ours to share their insights on the topic we’re exploring.  

You can listen here on our website or subscribe to our show via Apple Podcasts or Stitcher and get the latest episode every week.

(We’re taking a break for the month of October 2019, but The Growing Edge Podcast will return November 1, 2019!)


producer, director & engineer of The Growing Edge Podcast

Allison Quantz is a radio and podcast producer living in Bloomington, Indiana. She is senior producer at With Good Reason, an award-winning, nationally-broadcast radio show from Virginia Humanities. Alongside her work at With Good Reason, Allison is an adjunct instructor of audio production at Indiana University. In 2015, she launched The Briefing from SiriusXM and went on to produce it until late 2017. Her work has also been heard on BackStory with the American History Guys, Café Indiana, Virginia Public Radio, Word of Mouth, Distillations, and PRX Remix.

Photo by Anna Powell Teeter

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