February 2019 Question of the Month

Here’s the February, 2019 Question of the Month

As winter slips into February on our patch of the planet, nature maintains a state of stillness in order to nurture its own growing edges—and we get the urge to take long naps! But we live in a culture that values (and sometimes requires) speeding. So slowing down can make us feel like we’re “falling behind” or “being lazy”—even though our slow-down may be caused by exhaustion or illness, a sense of loss about how much we miss when we speed, a sense that we’re running toward a place we don’t want to go, or the simple need to lie fallow and renew our spirits.So here’s our February Question of the month: What is your experience with slowing, stopping, and lying low for a while, whether by choice or by necessity? What feelings does this generate in you? What gains and/or losses have you experienced by getting off the fast track for a while?

Katherine Forbes31 Comments