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Every month, we post a new Growing Edge Question and invite reader comments.

Our August, 2019, Question can be posed in a couple of ways. Please choose and respond to the version that works best for you:

(1) What would it look like for you to show up in your life more authentically? What inhibits and what helps?

(2) Do you have a story about a time when you were challenged to be true to yourself? If so, what happened?

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[We also post a monthly podcast, offering our own reflections on the Question of the Month, sometimes in dialogue with a guest. This month we are joined by our friend, Author/Poet/Educator MARK NEPO, in a heart-opening conversation about showing up as our authentic selves, balancing our inner and outer lives, and the fact that when we’re in touch with our own deepest experiences, we are also in touch with our shared human experience. To listen, click on the Podcast button above, in the menu bar.]

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